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Random Shit

Chris Brown



Ya know the language Salish?
Figures, I didn`t even know it until yesterday.
Just a random language that is ENDANGERED.
Only 3-4 people speak the language and they are in their 60`s man.

Justin Black! <3



yes. :]

so yea<3

Cheetah Girls, they came on tv, so I decided to make something of them lmao.
It`s pretty weird yea I knowwwww.
But yea, I got tons of homework this weekend so I will be on the computer a lot xD

btw, JaeJoong stuff coming up soon~ <3 :]


This place is pretty cool people`s. You guys should really check it ouuuuuuuuut!


They are in my credits, which I need to move them to the "friends" spot x]

But yea. I shall update latersssss<3 :]


so I`ma post some of my banners I made not that long ago.

Also later on, I`ma post some links to some download of songs and videos~ woo~

Kay, these are graphics of my cuz, me & dan. lmfao.

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